Today, I had a meeting with my friends and together we were reflecting on eternal but trivial problems of our life .Talking about it, one of my friends reminded us of a discussion we had in August, when I joked that in Moldova it came in vogue to have parliamentary elections every half year.image-2009-07-27-5998394-46-alegeri-moldova

But they denied it and tried to persuade me that liberals and democratic parties had won and would be able to govern our country in next 4 years. I was apolitical and a little bit skeptical and we decided to wait for some months to discuss this phenomenon later.


Once we returned to that subject, I think that Moldova has been facing a difficult period of financial and political crisis. At present our society is divided in different groups depending on their political preferences. It gives me great concerns, because in order to maintain good relations of friendship and avoid contradictory arguments we should refrain from such issues.


Personally, I think there is a big probability of repeated elections and it could be justified by the declaration made by the president of the Party of Communists. As the leader, he has put forward a vision of not voting for president. Analyzing their behavior and decision-making within the party for the last 8 years, we can say with certainty that nobody will vote.


I am convinced that the ideologists of the opposition party, have taken into account the idea shared by the writer and professor of Harvard Business School, Niall Ferguson, that many governments all around the world will fail during the global financial crisis. Therefore, if not voting for the president, the early elections will be organized in 2010. In my opinion the opposition believes that by that moment the crisis will have a negative impact on the image of the Alliance for European Integration and many of the electorate will change their preferences

In case if some of the members of the Party of Communists vote, they might form a new party with social focus. However at the election of 2013, this new founded social oriented party as well as PCRM, are not likely to pass the 5% electoral threshold of representation:

1. Vladimir Voronin will not be considered as a leader of the party, but just a symbol, which might disappoint the voters of communists.

2. If they participate in electing the head of the state, a positive image will be transferred from the PCRM to AIE, and it will significantly increase reliability and rating of the alliance.

3. We should not forget that our citizens are guided by a very simple principle, not to live worse than we used to do.


If we are talking about parties PLDM, PL, PDM and AMN, they have come to a consensus and have constituted the ruling coalition , like leaders of european parliament. They believe that the will be able to choose the president and govern the country. In this regard, an important moment is the signing of the declaration of August 8, 2009, where common goals and responsibilities were set.

Even if the president is not elected, the future of these parties depends on how they will manage to achieve their objectives in the period till elections. Thus, if the present government doesn`t convince foreign donors to give financial support, there will be quit small chances to achieve their goals. However, the presence of AIE in government can be a good advantage in the election campaign.


As a member of society I think that people are already tired of this political battle, enormous funds allocated from the state budget, time wasted in vain to participate in meetings with potential candidates of parliament and moreover a lot of people are disappointed in them, as some lawmakers have been ignoring their own electoral platform.


However, in case of anticipated elections party success will depend on: representativity (candidates for the position of deputy should be recognized as opinion leaders in society and protect the interests of citizens), transparency in party activity, promotion of democratic values, using the means of mass media (take into consideration that people are tired of advertising campaigns, tragic events of 7th April and that fact that in sec. XXI reality has been replaced by virtual life).


Finally I would like to quote a maximum “Time takes the truth out to light” and as everyone realizes, there is not much time left.

Lord help us!



PCRM- Party of the Communists of the Republic of Moldova.
PLDM- Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova
PL- Liberal Party.
PDM-Democratic Party of Moldova.
AMN-“Moldova Noastra ”(Our Moldova) Alliance.
Alliance for European Integration(AIE)=AMN+PLDM+PL+PD