Companies that will succeed in business will be those that will succeed in
development of the most effective global network. (Ph.Kotler ) ”

Yesterday, there was September 1st , my first day at the university when recent graduates of high schools were praised by the lecturers, deans and rector on the fact that they had become students.
One of the speeches aroused admiration, respect and a lot of applauses. In it, the speaker referred to the opportunities that the graduates of universities would benefit, the economic role they would play in the development of Moldova and in the process of globalization.
128 Thus, I realized that in our country the idea of being a member of a legal entity, where free movement of capital, labor , goods and services is allowed, where religion, culture and human rights are respected, enjoys a great support among young generation. Proceeding from this, I decided to write some ideas that I have acquired at the seminar ”Globalization and Entrepreneurship ” held by the professor from the University of Texas at Dalas , Mr Tevfik Dalgik within 15th Anatolia Congress. According to his opinion, the ideal model of globalization is the existence of a single global market. Thus, the unification of the economies will cause thousands of changes .The most important point is the new way of entrepreneur‘s thinking:

-He has the right to do business anywhere in the world;

-When initiating a company or developing a brand he must take into consideration that there are about 6.5 billion potential customers;

– He is firmly convinced that the supply and demand are likely to overlap and the initiation and production will take place in different parts of the world in various forms of legal organization;

-Tax issue will be examined: in this way some products will cost much cheaper, which is an advantage both for consumers and for manufacturers (eg. An American is to pay for a new Hyundai car $ 7000 including taxes and charges, while a citizen of Turkey – 14,000 $).).

According to recent studies in countries with free economies, there have been stated that in those country the pace of economic growth is higher. There are many views that globalization was launched by USA, that aimed at monopolizing world. However it is a well-known fact that China was the first to build up transnational companies (eg. Hyundai. Honda ).

Certainly, due to this phenomenon, people have some concerns such as loss of national identity, cultural and religious values. Personally, I believe that these fears are unfounded as globalization will come up and will have positive effects when it will be supported by the majority and we will become aware of that fact that the goods on earth belong to all human beings . This, in its turn, will be possible if we are able to learn how to tolerate and respect our and other religions, traditions, cultures, just as it is happening now in the European Union. If such conditions are followed it will be possible to find out the truth, assure security, maintain the liquidation of poverty and wars, achieve free trade and movement.