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Ion Sturzu, from Moldova, is the recipient of one of Prague College’s top scholarships. What does he make of the experience of studying in Prague so far?

ion-1It’s going really well – in fact it’s everything I expected, and more. I took my Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Banking from the Academy of Economic Studies in Chisinau, and studied for a further degree in Administration of Financial and Banking Systems at the Free International University of Moldova. At Prague College I am studying for my MSc International Management, and so far it is a very different experience for me.

In what way?

Well firstly, we have over 15 nationalities in the International Management programme. This is very important not only because it promotes a cosmopolitan atmosphere (which I like very much) but because you get to hear differing viewpoints from different cultures. This is also true of the case studies, which are drawn from sources like The Economist or Harvard Business Review, for example. I find this very stimulating. Another major difference is that the smaller class sizes lead to a positive exchange of ideas and question; and the lecturers here are very patient.

Tell us a bit about the Prague College scholarship

I heard about Prague College and its scholarship scheme on the web. I came here with a good deal of work experience including a nine-month internship with PwC and a wide range of volunteer work. I was also a member of the Moldovan Youth parliament for a year, and vice-president of a financial project run by AIESEC, teaching students how to develop business ideas. The Prague College scholarship was awarded partly as result of my experience in social engagement.

As a scholar, you are expected to take a leadership role.

Sure. The terms of the scholarship require a strong record of attendance, attainment and progress of course. But also an expectation that I will participate actively in college events, student clubs (I am already a member of the Czech Language and Culture club), and take on an organizational role where possible. The Leadership Association is a fairly new concept, but I am sure I will be developing the role as I go on.

What’s the best thing about living in Prague?

It’s an amazing city – the architecture is beautiful, but it’s much more than that, as the city has played a crucial role in the history of European culture. I’ve also been actively keeping up my sporting interests, especially in Tae Kwan Do (red belt) and Choi Kwan Do (black belt).

Ion, thanks, and good luck for the rest of your Master’s course
Source: https://www.praguecollege.cz